Art print By Johanna Lehtinen. The poster in size A4 is printed on sustainable 300 g paper.

We all have dreams, if you want to make them into reality, you have to be prepared to work for it. Dream, believe

and create, this way you will get closer to your dream. These are the wise words that remind me every day that

anything is possible. If we only dare to try, we are capable of doing miracles.

All these inspirational sentences I have chosen are extremely personal to me. This is the reason why I wanted

personally sign each one of the posters. These texts will challenge your thinking and make you consider their

meaning every time you see and read them. On a good day you may just agree with the text and in your worst

moments you may ponder the words more critically.

I hope that you too will be inspired by these wise sentences.

By Johanna Lehtinen -products have been granted with the Finnish Key Flag and the Design from Finland symbols as a sign of domestic work and design

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